About Me

I could go into great detail about all my extensive experience, training, etc., but the bottom line is WILL YOU LIKE MY SONGS?!? That's what really matters to me.

I try not to pigeonhole myself into any one genre of music, and greatly enjoy the challenge of writing songs outside my comfort zone. I love writing in multiple musical genres, especially country, rock, blues, jazz, and even some heavy metal, if the mood is right and there is plenty of leather available!

I love writing songs to fill a need! I am always learning, and adapting my craft. With every new song I write, I grow more as a songwriter. I write music for people to HEAR and ENJOY, more than just for my own private amusement.

I am always looking for that 'hook' that drives into your head, and won't let go, while still creating a song that has enough depth to stand the test of time. My top priority and goal is to get my songs out to those artists who may be able to do them justice, and to have my music heard by the masses.

That's enough of the yada, yada...I'll let my songs speak from here on out!

Note: All recordings are done using ProTools LE 7.x and compatible DAW software.