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Licensing News

This is my "discography" for licensing.  Some cable and network stations to which my music has been added include:

NBC, CBC, CW, MTV, VH1, TLC, History Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E, E! Network, Animal Planet, Nat Geo, Style Network, LOGO, and more.

2 Cues used in NBC's "The Voice"
My song "This Fall" was used in two different episodes of "The Voice" on NBC!

Cue used in CBS's "Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials 2016"
My song "Sunup" was used in "Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials 2016" on CBS

Cue used by "Last Call with Carson Daly" 
My song "Only in Dreams" was used as a cue during Last Call with Carson Daly, episode 1258

Cue used by "NY Ink" on TLC
My songs "Metalish" and "This Fall" were used during the NY Ink episode titled "Kings of NY".

Cue used in History Channel's "Forged in Fire"
My song "Metalish" was used in two episodes of "Forged in Fire": 'The Scottish Claymore' and 'Viking Sword'

Cue used in TLC's "The Willis Family"
My song "Just Smile" was used in "The Willis Family", episode 'Willises Go West'

Cue used in Discovery Planet Green's "Timber Kings"
My song "The Top" was used in two episodes of "Timber Kings": 'Gone Fishing' and 'Wilderness Retreat'

Cue used in Discovery Channel's "Shred"
My song "Metalish" used in the Discovery Channel's 'Shred', Episodes: "Hell Shred" and "Mega Crusher"

Cue used in TLC's "Return to Amish"
My song "Too Many Veggies" used in TLC's 'Return to Amish', Episode: "Six More Weeks of Winter"

Cue used in Tru TV's "Impractical Jokers"
My song "Too Many Veggies" used in Tru TV's 'Impractical Jokers', Episode: "Sweat the Small Things"

Cue used in A&E's "Barter Kings"
My song "Metalish" used in A&E's 'Barter Kings', Season 3, Episode 6: "The Gloves Come Off"

Cue used in "Dish Nation" on the CW channel
My song "I Thought I Told You" was used in an episode of "Dish Nation" on the CW Channel!

Cue used in "Glory Hounds" on Animal Planet
My song "Thursday Morning" was used for the Animal Planet show "Glory Hounds"!

Cue used in 2 episodes of "Lords of War" on the National Geographic Channel
My song "Metalish" played in two different episodes of National Geographic Channel's "Lords of War" series

Cue used in "American Pickers", Season 2, Episode 6 "Easy Rider" on the History Channel
My song "Sunup" was used in the "Easy Rider" episode of "American Pickers" on the History Channel!

Cue used on two episodes of "American Weed" on the National Geographic Channel
My song "Courage" was used in the "Marijuana Under Fire" and "Pot or Not" episodes of "American Weed" on NGC!

Cue used on "Top 10 Weddings of 2011" on TLC
My song "Only in Dreams" was placed in the "Top 10 Weddings of 2011" show on The Learning Channel on December 23, 24, 27, 28, 30, 31 of 2011.

Cue used on "Clean House NY" on the Style Network
2B Happy was placed in episode 107 of Clean House NY on the Style Network!

Cue used on "E! News Live" on E! Network
My song "2B Happy" was placed in the December 08, 2011 episode of "E! News Live"

Cue placed in "Short List" on VH1
My song "Only in Dreams" was used in the "Short List" episode: "10 Biggest Celebrity Tools" on the VH1 network!

Cue used on "True Life" on MTV & MTV3
My song "Just Smile" was placed on the MTV/MTV3 show "True Life", episode "The Wise Latina Movement"

Cue used on "Setup Squad" on LOGO network
My song "2B Happy" was placed in episode 104 of "Setup Squad" on the LOGO network!

Cue placed on "The Nate Berkus Show" (Canada)
"The Top" song used in the "Modern Family: Solving Relationships" episode.

My song "2BHappy" in "Whole Day Down" web series
The great folks at Wit's End Films has graciously accepted my song "2B Happy" for a clip in their upcoming web series "Whole Day Down", starring Willie Garson (Sex and the City, White Collar, more). See wholedaydown.tv for more info. 

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